Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you spell your name?

A: Technically Renée, but I prefer Renee. I don’t mind Renay. It’s a common mistake.

Q: What are your tattoos?

A: My sleeve is an ode to Fallout (also my first tattoo)! My other tattoo is the Mickey Mouse symbol behind my left ear (I'm a bit obsessed with Disney).

Q: Why do you have a bullring in your nose?

A: My septum piercing is a 14k Rose Gold Eternity clicker, set with White Opals. It's made by Maria Tash. It's not a bullring.

Q: What is your natural hair color? How do you dye it?

A: I'm naturally a brunette. Here’s a link to my big hair dye post!

Q: Are you single/taken? Will you be my girlfriend?

A: I'm married to the game.

Q: What kind of cat is Zoe?

A: Zoe is a Munchkin cat. She has little legs and a big heart.

Q: Are you the Renee from SeaNanners’ “The Hidden” video?

A: Yes.