Meet Renée

Renée started out as a YouTuber in 2008, uploading content primarily geared towards the Call of Duty community under the pseudonym "MissDoesntMiss."  After a year of growing and learning, she decided to branch out into other games and started her variety channel, lolRenaynay. 

With the launch of Twitch.TV in 2011, Renée began broadcasting part-time, eventually leading to a partnership in February of 2012.  Soon after, the potential of playing games for a living became a reality.

In August of 2012, Renée quit her "real life" job and made gaming her career.  However, splitting her focus and time between YouTube and Twitch became increasingly overwhelming.  In 2013, Renée made the switch to being a full-time broadcaster.

Two years later, Renée has a following of over 200,000 people on Twitch.  Thousands of people tune into her broadcasts every week to see which game she's playing next and to enjoy her colorful (and sometimes a bit vulgar) commentary.  She's harbored a loyal community of gamers, which she dubs "Team Red Solo Cup," many of which have become close friends.


Name: Renée (aka Renay, Renoodle)
Age: 25
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Currently Lives In: East Bay Area, CA
Started Streaming: 2011
Favorite Game: Fallout 3
Preferred Platform: PC